The 7 Best Non Toxic Makeup Brands

The 7 Best Non Toxic Makeup Brands

Your skin deserves to have makeup that not only enhances your natural beauty but also complements it with makeup that is good for your skin. And that means only the best nontoxic makeup brands should be going onto your skin.

Natural beauty seems to be getting bigger and bigger with each passing year. Women are looking towards brands that are natural and organic because they care about the chemicals they could be bringing into their homes and exposing their sensitive facial skin. This means that women are no longer turning a blind eye to the harsh and toxic chemicals found in many makeup products that could be irritating, drying out, causing a breakout, or wreaking havoc on their skin.

But do you even know what “natural beauty” means anymore?

While women are realizing that they need to switch to safer cosmetic alternatives, this has caused brands to use sly and deceiving tactics when marketing their products by displaying “organic” or “natural” labels on products that are not certified organic. You see the problem here?

When companies are slapping the words “natural” or “organic” when they truly are not this raises all types of questions and concerns for people who are using truly natural and organic makeup. It brings up doubt as to if that’s what all the companies claiming to be organic are doing as well. Fortunately, there are ways to be sure. Organizations like Leaping Bunny and PETA are so important because both of their websites give us women at home the tools we need to actually search brands and see if they are a) truly organic, b) cruelty-free, c) ethnically sourced ingredients.

Before we address some truly organic and natural makeup brands you should consider switching to I have to clear up a very common misconception that natural makeups are incapable of bringing the glamour and glitz that women want. It is very possible that at one time that was true but not anymore. There are so many brands out there that are creating buildable, and high impact products that are going above and beyond in the shade department.

To be clear, natural makeup brands are on the rise and they are here to stay! SO here are some of my favorite non toxic makeup brands to shop!

Kjaer Weis

The entire collection and brand that is Kjaer Weis aims for beautiful, glowy makeup that lets your natural beauty shine through. With just one look at the shiny and chic design of the packaging, you will be convinced that natural beauty products are leveling up and are sophisticated and deliver equally gorgeous results as mainstream makeup brands. With Kjaer Weis, you get nothing short of elegant and clean formulas, with absolutely no use of parabens, synthetic fragrance, silicones, or petrochemicals.

best non toxic makeup brands

Cream Blush $76

the best non toxic makeup brands

Lengthening Mascara $52.00

non toxic makeup brands

Lipstick $73.00

Vapour Organic Beauty

Vapour Beauty cares about their consumers so much that their products only contain, natural, healthy, minimally processed ingredients. The organic ingredients, moisturizing bases packed with antioxidants, and color come together to form a clean collection of beauty products that rivals some of the most lucrative and luxurious brands in the beauty industry. It is no wonder they have earned themselves “Champion” Safety status from the Environmental Working Group for Safe Cosmetics.

the best non toxic makeup brands

Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation $67.50

the best non toxic makeup brands

Artist Eye Palette $57.50

the best non toxic makeup brands

Velvet Lip Gloss $31.50


100% Pure

This is one company that aims to create the worlds most pure, clean, and organic all-natural line of cosmetics. But not only that they also have beauty products and a skincare line to take care of all your personal care needs. They even have some vegan products that are formulated with high-performing antioxidants, essential oils, and naturally occurring vitamins to leave your skin feeling nourished and your complexion looking fabulous.

the best non toxic makeup brands

Fruit Pigmented Log Last Concealer $27.00

the best non toxic makeup brands

Fruit Pigmented Luminizer $38.00

the best non toxic makeup brands

Fruit Pigmented Full Coverage Water Foundation $41.00

Check out my full review on this foundation HERE!

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty truly breaks away from other organic makeup brands with the fact that their products are formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their natural state. This allows their living, and healing attributes to deeply penetrate your skin leaving it hydrated and rejuvenated. They are very well-renowned in the beauty world –  and for good reasons. Simply stated their products enhance and illuminate your complexion, while also healing and nourishing your skin.

Shop RMS Beauty

best non toxic makeup brands

Lip2cheek Tint $45

bet non toxic makeup brands

Wild With Desire Lipstick $36

best non toxic makeup brands

Luminizing Powder $50

Beauty Bakerie

This beauty company sure sets the stakes on the sweet side as they are committed to encouraging women to feel as beautiful and empowered as ever. These seriously sweet cosmetics are guaranteed to have your mouth watering over their incredibly flatter hues for all skin shades.

the best non toxic makeup brands

Game Of Cones Eyeshadow Palette $38

the best non toxic makeup brands

Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation $28
the best non toxic makeup brands

Cake Pop Lippies Sonrisa Mauve Rose $14.00


It is about time you become intentional about the products you expose your skin to on a daily bases. Those chemicals in mainstream cosmetics only damage your skin and remove the moisture from your skin. That is why ILIA BEAUTY is making it their sole mission to make clean beauty products the normal, while also educating woman that not all natural products are created equal and should be trusted.

the best non toxic makeup brands

True Skin Serum Foundation $69.00

the best non toxic makeup brands

Prima Essential Shadow Palette $53

the best non toxic makeup brands

Multi-Stick Tint (for cheeks, lips, and eyes)

W3LL People

Personally, I love the no makeup look, so if that is what you are striving for W3LL People is the perfect nontoxic makeup brand for you. Their products are designed to nourish and soothe your skin while also providing you with the coverage and color you need to feel absolutely radiant. Not to mention they also provide a wide range of vegan products that are AMAZING! W3LL People truly care about their customers and try to provide products that everyone will enjoy.

the best non toxic makeup brands

Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner $24.50

the best non toxic makeup brands

Bio Baked Bronzer $32.50

the best non toxic makeup brands

Narcissist Foundation Stick $39.50

That’s A Wrap!

After learning how popular organic and nontoxic makeup brands are becoming are you compelled to try some of these brands? They truly are amazing and they provide your skin with the much-needed hydration and moisture that toxic makeup brands steal away from your skin.

I would love to hear which products you love from the above best nontoxic makeup brands! Drop a comment below!

Also if you are currently using an organic brand besides the ones listed I would love to hear about it and the products you love!

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